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AVIVA Mini Rugby Blitz

14 March 2014

AVIVA Mini Rugby Blitz

We were asked to go along to the IRFU Aviva Mini Rugby Blitz to capture the day for editing into a feature for online delivery. There were over 400 boys and girls from over 20 clubs so we had quite a few faces to capture.

We used a single camera for gathering of footage and IV’s. Our radio mic with a receiver was used for audio giving freedom for interviews to be carried out on the go, in the stands or pitchside. The GoPro was also in use for extra coverage. This gives us a different option in the edit if we use it for timelapses and capturing angles our main camera may not be able to shoot. Variety and choice is never a bad thing in an edit.

Once we had the footage in the bag and the interviews covered the post production could begin. This process remains the same for most projects. We digitize our footage create some graphics edit together a few cuts and once we have met the clients requirements and we are happy with our product it may be published.

As our client list shows most of our work is from repeated use. Happy clients guarantees future work which is something we are consistent with.

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