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Content creation starts with you.

3 February 2017

Steps 1, 2 & 3 for gathering your own content and getting it out there!

More and more companies are beginning to gather their own content on the unbelievably good quality smart phone cameras or action cameras like or the

More often than not, this content stays on the device it was recorded on and never sees the light of day. So, we have been striving to facilitate this process. For example – we deliver all the online content for the IRFU, we’ve given a core group of well positioned staff ( who are generally in the right place at the right time ) a crash course in content gathering while on location.

By enabling the process for the IRFU to capture this content, it reduces costs and ups quantity of delivery, while maintaining brand and high standards. They capture it, send it to us and we repurpose it for use across their channels with appropriate logos and calls to action.



Another example of gathering your own content is Popzle – the 3D interactive activity card.

The aim is to get customers to capture pictures and videos and share it online. is a startup and they sent us a 5 minute clip of a cute little kid, smiling, having fun, playing and popping and making one of the cards. We edited it according to the brief and it came out like this…

Watch the YouTube video HERE.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 14.08.31

Happiness is what this is all about. #popzlepix Like them on Facebook

These snippets of content supply their viewers, subscribers and friends with critical and topical information across all their channels.
So here you go:
Step 1. Turn your phone sideways.
Step 2. Hold it still and just record whats happening. No need to attempt fancy pans, tilts or moves.
Step 3. Send it to us and we’ll sort it out…
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