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Creating Engaging Content- A Digital Marketing Do

16 April 2015

With a huge emphasis being put on video content for Digital Marketing we wanted to share what we can do for your company or what your company can do for itself to create engaging content.

Companies who want to increase their online presence approach us on a regular basis. With digital marketing agencies now expressing how video content is key to any marketing campaign we want to share how this can be done in its simplest form.

The best way to illustrate this is to give you an insight in to a simplified proposal we may provide a client with who is looking to create online content.

Before you go any further just consider this,

“Some 65% of viewers watch more than three-quarters of a given video, according to Invodo. Any content marketer would be thrilled with that kind of readership for a piece of text. Moreover, more than 70% of marketing professionals report that video converts better than any other medium.” – courtesy of

And here is an example of the simple process to getting your content online.

OPTION 1; Basic Package



This process involves both VideosOnTheNet and the client working together on a script formatted document to agree on a script and visual content needed for use within a video. Once the script is agreed upon the client can begin rehearsing, out loud is always best so they can get used to the delivery required when in front of camera.



The finalised script will be delivered in front of a green screen or any suitable background. This will take place in the VideosOnTheNet office where we will have a studio set up. The setup will include lights, wireless audio, and a single camera. Personnel will include a camera operator and director. The script can be delivered several times and the best takes will be included in the final edit.

Post Production:


Once the shoot is complete the editing can begin. For the edit VideosOnTheNet will need the client to supply all graphics and imagery agreed in the script in the correct formats, which will also be explained to the client. The piece to camera will then be edited and covered with the content provided by the client. The finished piece should include a sting at the top and tail of the piece as well as a corner bug for branding.


OPTION 2; Premium Package

This option includes all of the same elements as option 1 with the possibility of adding extra content, which may enhance the finished piece.


This process will remain the same with VideosOnTheNet and the client working towards a finished script to deliver to camera. See description in option 1 above.


Given that it may not be suitable for the client to travel to the VideosOnTheNet office, option 2 will allow for us to travel to the clients’ location to shoot the script delivery. This will require a suitable space for us to set up the necessary equipment to shoot the piece to camera. If this option were chosen it would be beneficial for some visuals to be shot on location.  These would include shots relevant to your business (your product or workplace) and staff at work etc. that would then be used as coverage over the script delivery in the finished video.

Another addition in the ‘shoot’ section for option 2 would be a customer testimonial, which may be shot on location also. Again this would be an extra but a very beneficial element to the finished piece.

Post Production:

This process also remains the same as option 1, however, there may be less visual content needed in the form of still images if we have gathered content on location. The finished piece will be edited and packaged with the branding provided by the client as explained in option 1.

Therefore Option 2 includes the following extras;

  • Shoot on location
  • Visual content shoot on location
  • Customer testimonial

All or none of these options may be availed of and this decision can be left to the client whom we can help in any way necessary to make the right decision for them.

So what do I do with my beautiful content??

Use Of Content

Once the post production process is complete and the client is happy with the product we can then deliver. The aim of these packages is to increase brand awareness and tell the stories behind the brand as well as informing new and potential customers about what it is you do.

This means delivery should be on company websites and any other online platforms such as social media. Once you have good content in the bank it can be rolled out online whenever you see fit.

Now it’s time to get started.

Give it a go

Why not try this for yourself and see the results before looking for professionally produced content. Get your smartphone out and start engaging with potential customers in a more appealing format. Images and video will always perform better than boring text. We are happy to help in any way to give your online presence and digital marketing campaign the ammunition it needs!