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Federation of Irish Sport

1 March 2014

Federation of Irish Sport Short.

We were back in the Aviva once again, this time for the launch of The Volunteers in Sport Awards 2014. These are presented by the Department of Transport, Tourism & Sport, the Federation of Irish Sport,the Irish Sports Council and The Community Foundation of Ireland. The Volunteers in Sport Awards honor the work of volunteers in Irish sport.

The Federation of Irish Sport asked us to produce videos which they could circulate to highlight the aim of these awards, this being to recognise the efforts of volunteers in irish sport. We brought along the camera and audio equipment to shoot interviews with each of the sports personalities present. These were essentially a call to action to get involved in the nominations and voting process. We got all five interviews shot making sure to add some variety by changing up angles and locations. Conducting the interviews ourselves creates an extra challenge but we are always thorough in our preparation making sure we know what content must come from each person we need to talk to.

Having covered the interviews we then gathered coverage for use in the edit. In this case there was a feature and five stand alone pieces to be created from the footage so it was essential to have sufficient coverage. We always make a conscious effort to have a finished piece in mind while out on a shoot. This helps us to shoot objectively ensuring coverage is gathered for all of the interviewees so as not to leave ourselves short. Using the same shot twice, even in separate videos, is something we like to avoid.

A feature of the day was created and it was decided that a shorter cut would also be beneficial, generally with video it is a case of the shorter the better especially with online delivery. Five more videos featuring the extended interviews were also put together and delivered to the client. A very productive shoot producing a total of seven videos while all the time ensuring quantity never affects quality.


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