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Get more out of your next event!

3 March 2017


Live streaming is quickly becoming the hottest commodity and best video solution for corporate events. With the expanded viewership and reach, increased attendee numbers, cost efficiency, and instant video collateral, there are more reasons to live stream than to not.
Live streaming is not daunting, and the device doesn’t require a huge amount of space that will impact your event. But live streaming will have a huge impact on online viewership and marketing collateral! The device has ports to connect cameras, laptops, power points, videos or any medium you wish to push out to your online viewers. You’ll typically have a live stream operator, one camera operator per camera at you event, and a graphics/video operator that will be pushing videos to this live streaming computer.
Now let’s look at a few reasons why live streaming is absolutely essential to your next event!
First, live streaming increases your online presence and overall viewership. Your cost per attendee goes down. Live streaming can also have an impact of bringing more attendees to your event next time when virtual attendees convert to physical attendees. What’s even cooler is that some companies create personalized viewing parties around the globe in their offices, event spaces, or even in movie theaters where attendees can have an extremely personal and interactive experience rather than just viewing the event online by themselves.
Second, live streaming will engage a virtual community. Users can have the option to chat virtually via online chat rooms, which can be handled by a moderator on site at your event. Using hashtags on the live stream will increase visibility on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, and gives the option to for virtual attendees to ask questions and get answers immediately.

Are you planning on having multiple breakout rooms? The third great attribute of live streaming is that attendees don’t have to fret which room to choose. Recording and/or live streaming each breakout room can alleviate attendee’s stress by allowing them to watch breakouts they missed later, at their convenience. You can even give your attendees online a more interactive experience to choose which breakout they wish to watch if you choose to give that option.
Fourth, build stronger partnerships with your sponsors. Sponsors of your event now have the ability to play commercials or collateral to your attendees whenever you see fit. Gone are the days of simple signage saying thanks. You can now give them a larger presence by allowing them the opportunity to reach out to your online viewers as well.
And finally, number five. Instant collateral! Live streaming not only broadcasts, but records your event giving you footage you can use in any way! Did you have an epic keynote speaker, or maybe super informative breakout sessions? Now those recordings can be transformed into a stellar marketing campaign! You can bring more traffic to you, and even have the ability to create highlight reels and other marketing materials to promote your next event.
Check out the video below to learn a little more about how live streaming works and why it is just the solution you need to make that impact you’re looking for at your next event.


2. There are many instances where live streaming can be a great way to reduce event production costs, all while increasing your production’s footprint as well. If you don’t have the extra budget for employee travel and accommodation costs, live streaming allows your company message to be viewed, live, from anywhere in the world.
So, what’s included in Sparksight’s live streaming services?
•    Single or multiple camera arrangements
•    Live switching with titles and graphics
•    Public or private password protected streams
•    Easy Integration with PowerPoint, Keynote, photos, or videos
•    Record and package for viewing later
•    Interactive remote viewing parties

3. Increase attendance – not discourage people from attending.