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LTV SOE Boys Feature

5 October 2014

Leinster TV School of Excellence Boys Feature

This video is only one of four which were to be produced from our day of shooting at the Leinster School of Excellence camps. Two of us went along on the day with camera and audio gear as well as our friend the GoPro. We needed to gather enough footage to cover us for the four videos baring in mind the aim of each of these pieces.

We needed interviews with the boys coaches as well as participants, organisers and Leinster Academy lads who visited on the day.

For the girls, pretty much the same again. Interviews with participants, coaches and Leinster and Ireland players who dropped by.

These interviews were ticked off throughout the day as the people in question became available. Paul was on cam while Brian jumped on the mic to ask some questions directing the interviews so as to cover all of the areas the client had mentioned in the brief.

Footage was gathered on our main camera as Paul ran up and down the pitches spotting all of the necessary shots while Brian got the GoPro on to some heads for a different perspective.

After a long day of shooting with an abundance of content in the bag, post production could begin once again. With the size of this project and the request for multiple videos content was split and both of us got down to the editing. Once the rough cuts were finished Paul took over to add some graphics to lift the videos. As you can see in the videos themselves this can be hugely effective in creating a high quality piece.

We continue to work closely with Leinster on producing high standard content for Leinster TV.


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