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IRUPA Golf Classic

14 March 2014

IRUPA Golf Classic

Following on from a previous idea at a golf event to turn up at kick off and shoot the event covering the different competitors, challenges around the course and colour from the day with the video quickly turned around to be ready and playing for the competitors as they arrived back in the clubhouse for their meal, we were asked to cover the IRUPA Golf Classic in Powersourt Golf Club.

The idea for the shoot was to gather most of the in depth interviews covering most of the points IRUPA wanted to get out of the video with the interviewee’s they wanted interviewed at the start before the event kicked off around the clubhouse. This would enable us to then concentrate on gathering good colour and nice shots to use in the piece. We went out and about to the different holes, fairways and greens to gather good colour, lots of fun and craic using a mixture of a main camera, go pro and legria wideangle lensed cameras to give us a few different options. This mixed with some nice high frame rate footage for slo-motion in the edit gave us a nice mix when we gathered the footage in the clubhouse and put a three minute sequence together, adding music, transcoding footage and branding the video exporting it as a movie file for display in the hotel where the meal and awards were being held.

The event was a great success and the competitors got to see the video as they arrived for their meal. This all happened on the Friday of the event from 12 until 8:30. The following Monday we put together a more polished cut with added content interviews and titles produced in After Effects added to the mix. We also produced three micro videos – teasers for the main video of about 20-30 secs in length for use in Social Media. These mini videos help create awareness and build interest while driving people towards the desired location of the finished feature video whether this is on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter or the clients website. We also produced branded stills of the day from the footage gathered to again be used in Social Media platforms.

This approach can be applied to nearly any event or competition that would benefit from some exposure not only from a video produced with key messages covered to promote the day but also to give the people competing a great extra when they finish up. A chance to see themselves up on a big screen!


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