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So, is the Rugby all finished now?

28 April 2016

Well, no. No it’s not.

This quick blog entry is a quick look back over a five day period within VOTN to see what content we are working on for clients post 6 nations. We often have clients presuming the rugby gets parked once the 6 Nations is over but this quick round up of content published in the past few days proves just how much there is going on in the rugby scene in Ireland.

First up is our Volkswagen Tag Launch video which was rolled out by the IRFU on Irish Rugby TV earlier this week. Last Wednesday we travelled to Dooradoyle in Limerick to shoot for a package of content to help launch the upcoming summer of TAG in Ireland. This involved 18 different club specific short vids to be sent to the clubs to use to promote their events with Connor Murray providing the piece to camera.

We also shot a feature to be rolled out on social media to invite people to get involved in TAG as well as a competition piece to advertise the opportunity of winning a new VW Tiguan.

The final and main aim of the day was to create a fun skit with Connor Murray to create a buzz about the upcoming summer TAG events. I’ll let you see the end result for yourself on YouTube here:

It has already clocked up 73k hits on Facebook.


Without going in to the same detail we will skim through what else went out this week.

Brian went along to a charity cinema night for Leisnter Rugby TV as they teamed up with one of their charity partners The Alzheimers Society of Ireland for a fantastic night of fun with lots of kids meeting their heroes and plenty of money being raised. Check out the piece on YouTube here:

This is also performing well on Social media clocking up the hits.


Back to more launches now and back to IRFU as they launched their new e-learning tool for young rugby players and coaches to gain some help with nutrition. We have created all of the video content for this platform, which can be found here:

The video used to launch the tool has clocked up about 37k hits on Facebook so far, meaning lots of people are becoming aware it exists!


Ulster Bank launched their half time dropkick competition and we went along for Irish Rugby TV to create this piece for their platforms.

Ian Madigan gives some tips on the dropkick for anyone taking part in the competition! More info in this publication by the IRFU which includes our video.



Now, and only now, we can move away from rugby to take a quick glance at what else we’ve been up to. Wednesday 27th Brian and John were in Croke Park for and Allianz Leagues hurling final preview Live Stream using our fantastic new piece of kit the Livestream HD550.


Paul was over at the Aviva while all this was going on shooting a feature for Irish rugby TV at the Girls 7s competition. He was dipping in and out of rain, hail and snow showers to capture the shots of the day which will now be edited for publishing.



We firmly believe in play time here at VOTN so we had to test out our new car mount for our DJI Osmo steady cam. This camera is being used on almost every shoot as we continue to be impressed with its functionality and capabilities. Check out this footage of our latest test with our new car mount accessory. Endless possibilities with this camera!



So that’s a skim across the surface of what has being gone on in VOTN over the past few days.


Coming up:

Friday- Edits

Saturday- Aviva Minis National Blitz

Sunday- A day off??

Monday- Leinster Open Session at the RDS


etc. etc. etc. 🙂