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Sams Work Experience. A week of The November Series

13 December 2017

Monday 13th  ,November

———> IRFU In the chair with Luke McGrath

I was in the VideosOnTheNet office at around half nine, when I got in I assisted in setting up the HD550 for the live stream,

this takes the video and audio and streams it online, for the interview we streamed onto the IRFU Facebook page. I also help pack the car with the necessary equipment required for the live stream, when we arrived at Carton house

we set up the equipment, two led lights at the two corners of the room to improve the lighting for the stream \ interview. We also set up the camera to record the interview video, the microphone to record the interview audio and the HD550 by LiveStream to stream the interview online.

The interview took about 10 minutes including the pre-roll being tunnel footage from the Ireland vs South Africa game last Saturday


Wednesday 15th  November

———> Mental Health Talk

I arrived at the Aviva stadium at around half 10

We were filming a mental health talk

My job was to film the tables using the DJI OSMO

Thursday 16th  ,November

———> Training

I got to the VOTN office at 9, here we packed the car for the gear needed,

We got to carton house rugby pitches at 11: 10 where the training session would take place, we filmed the players approaching the pitch,

My job was to film the payers leaving the changing tent the go to the pitch, I filmed this with a DJI OSMO, this stabilises the camera for a smooth shot when moving around,

We also got some Ariel shots of the training session using a DJI MAVIC PRO, Unfortunately we can only use footage cleared by the IRFU as we cannot release plays and tactics before a match, this also meant we could only film the first 0 minutes of the session as they were only warming up.

———> Live Team Announcement

We got to the Drawing room  in Carton House at 11:30 for the live team announcement, we used the same HD550, LedGo, Microphone, camera and it took an hour to set up for the live stream, there were also other media teams present to record the announcement like RTE and TV3,

We learned the hard way that using a wired for the microphone is more reliable than a wireless reciever.


Friday 17th  November

———> Captains Run

I got the the Aviva at 10 for the captains run

We filmed the team training and taking the team photo

I used the OSMO the film the team running onto the pitch

We also filmed a interview with team captain Rhys Ruddock

Saturday 18th November

———> Ireland Vs. Fiji

I got to the aviva stadium at 2:30, we got ready to film the post match press conference by setting up a tripod before the game began

I filmed the tunnel and players exiting the buses, I had to get a high shot as this would be easy to do with the osmo but not a camera.

At half time we filmed the minis in the tunnel before they played their match, the minis running on to the pitch and also parts of their match.

I really enjoyed the day and had some great experience throughout the week.


Sam Walker