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Sweet Streams are Made of These

11 March 2015


Who can benefit from streaming?

When our clients approach us to live stream an event the most common goal is to increase their potential audience. It’s quite simple really, if an event is taking place in front of a crowd of 30 people then that is the reach of the event, however, if you stream this event online then your potential audience has no limit. People can simply tune in to the stream wherever they are (even on their smartphone) and watch the event.

This is beneficial to the brand and their sponsors as they broaden their audience and increase exposure. It is also beneficial to the viewers as they can tune in to an event they otherwise would have no access to. This is the case for every stream we have undertaken from viewers in Canada being able to watch their old rugby team in action to Brokers worldwide tuning in to our streams for Standard Life with budget updates and pension schemes. The opportunities are endless and the diversity in our streams has shown that the answer to the question of ‘Who can benefit from streaming’ is just about anyone looking to reach beyond geographical limits.



What can be streamed?

As mentioned, we have streamed for a diverse range of clients who have all had events, which needed to be shared online. To answer the question of what can be streamed, quite simply anything our clients want to share with an audience. Examples of this are shown in all of our streams to date but if we take one example and look at what it was that was streamed and why it was successful this may help to reiterate the criteria of something that lends itself to streaming.

Bank of Ireland sponsor Leinster Schools cup rugby and they were holding the draw in The House of Lords. Usually this draw would only be seen by those in the room on the day but by bringing us in to stream it they were able to reach far beyond the walls of the House of Lords by sharing a link on social media to view the draw live. This is a good example of why people use streaming technology because it is an event of great importance to people at home and abroad that have vested interest in this great competition.

These criteria are applicable to all of our streams when broken down as most elements are similar. We allow clients to share online, an event, which would otherwise have a limited audience.


As for the when, where and why?

The client determines these but we will often advise on the best times to go live if the event can be scheduled to suit. For the Allianz GAA League previews in Croke Park we agreed on a time of 1pm simply because this would suit viewers on lunch who could tune in. Other events such as Women’s RBS 6 Nations are obviously not going to change so we organize our stream for the set time, which works well as they are already scheduled to suitable viewing times.

Where a stream takes place is also determined by the client as this will simply be the location of the event. We will visit the location to decide on the best set up for the stream and test our satellite if it is needed. Our new satellite allows us to stream from anywhere as it gives us the necessary internet connection to get the stream online. We assemble it on site, point it south, lock on to the signal and up we go. This has been a great success so far as it has created the possibility of streaming from anywhere in the country which means no event is out of our reach.

Our streams are going from strength to strength as more clients discover the endless possibilities this technology brings to their brand and sponsors, not to mention their audience.

If you have any questions on live streaming don’t hesitate to contact us.


Below are shots of some Twitter action before, during and after our recent streams.

Different countries

Where are people watching from?

Allianz croker

Croker corporate level Allianz GAA League preview.

RTE player landscape

GameOn 2fm was recorded and posted to the RTE player after the stream.

LTV House of Lords

The House of Lords for Bank of Ireland

RTE Player

GameOn 2fm Aviva Fan Studio

GameOn online view

The online platform for delivery can be embedded on any site.

IRFU sat shot Ashbourne

IRFU tweet fans to show streaming technology.

Aviva fan studio set up

Settting up in Aviva Stadium

Atem control shot

Atem switcher used to mix between cameras during the stream.