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VOTNs Vagablog about our Vagatrip with Vagabond

Vagabond tours have been in operation for 15 years. Rob and his team have been actively trying to increase their use of social media to reach out to customers, new and old. They share pictures and tips with potential travellers to show them what they may experience on one of […]

Ethans Work Experience

Today we went to the Ireland women’s press conference which was very informing. I went with Connor and learned quite a bit about the camera and the things that it does. I learned about the white balance, the pan function of the tripod, the peaking function and the ND filter. […]

Sweet Streams are Made of These

Who? Who can benefit from streaming? When our clients approach us to live stream an event the most common goal is to increase their potential audience. It’s quite simple really, if an event is taking place in front of a crowd of 30 people then that is the reach of […]

IRUPA Golf Classic

IRUPA Golf Classic Following on from a previous idea at a golf event to turn up at kick off and shoot the event covering the different competitors, challenges around the course and colour from the day with the video quickly turned around to be ready and playing for the competitors […]

IRFU In The Gym With Quinny And The Ireland Team

IRFU In The Gym With Quinny And The Ireland Team The Idea was a simple one, an ongoing behind the scenes video every week bringing people into the backroom of the Irish camp. Alan Quinlan was approached by the IRFU to be the face of the videos with the idea […]