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IRFU In The Gym With Quinny And The Ireland Team

15 February 2014

IRFU In The Gym With Quinny And The Ireland Team

The Idea was a simple one, an ongoing behind the scenes video every week bringing people into the backroom of the Irish camp. Alan Quinlan was approached by the IRFU to be the face of the videos with the idea being an ex international who had been in camp and gone through everything that we would hopefully be covering would give us more of an insight into what it takes to get to Matchday. Having an ex player conducting the interviews helped keep a relaxed approach which suited the task of shooting in and around the camp.

The process was simple enough. Every week we would have a production meeting / phone call / skype / carrier pigeon and bash out the ideas for what we would / should and must cover from strength & conditioning, nutrition, recovery down to what happens with the players on media days.


We wanted the videos to be snappy, short and sweet and fly on the wall in style with the footage throughout reflecting what its like when its just the players in their day to day routines. With this in mind we shot our intro and outro PTCs before the training sessions both in the Gym and Pitchside. Staying well back when the players were training in the gym so as not to distract or disrupt the session. With this video the space to work was limited so only one camera was used. In previous and later episodes we used multiple cameras to give us an interesting choppy style when it came time to edit.


All in all the shoot took about 4 hours with a break in the shoot for a livestream of the team announcement and some media interviews. We gathered the footage and headed back to the office for the edit. Isolated the content from the interview and PTCs, painted the video with interesting shots demonstrating the content Jason and Quinny covered and cut the piece to music to keep it moving forward. Branded the piece with corner bugs and stings and delivered a rough cut that day to the IRFU for review and sign off. One or two minor changes to titles etc and we were good to go.

The video above proved the most popular with the public taking in the heavy training session in the gym with strength & conditioning coach for the Irish squad Jason Cowman bringing us through the squads regime. The video has 212,698 hits on Youtube with 230 likes and 95 comments ranging from the bizarre to the insightful. All of this shows the thirst out there for exclusive content that broadcasters don’t provide. It shows the opportunity to work closely with a client –  in this case the IRFU – and deliver content that’s effective and engaging.


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